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Fayetteville Clean & Beautiful (FCB) is:

  • A Non-Profit Organization 501(c)(3)
  • Independent of Peachtree City government
  • A local chapter of Keep America Beautiful (KAB)

FCB provides a variety of recycling opportunities and completes ongoing beautification efforts throughout Fayetteville, GA:

  • Oversight and staffing of the twoFayetteville recycling facilities (more info)
  • Maintenance of trash receptacles and removal of trash and litter on the extensive multi-use path system
  • Litter removal on streets and highways
  • Recycling bins at athletic fields
  • Recycling programs at city offices and local schools


Fayetteville Clean & Beautiful address –

Fayetteville Clean & Beautiful, Inc.
209 McIntosh Trail
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(Located in the Peachtree City Public Works building)

Contact info –

Phone – 770-632-3195
Fax – 770-631-2533
Email – kptcb@peachtree-city.org

Al Yougel
Cell – 404-291-8002


Mark Weaver
Cell – 619-764-1141

Larry Koppenhaver
Cell – 770-639-8281


The Fayetteville Clean & Beautiful office is open the following hours

Monday – Friday:



Special Events:
As occurring throughout the year

The FCB staff is typically busy working outdoors on Saturday and periodically throughout the day during the week.


The Keep Peachtree City Beautiful offices are co-located in the Peachtree City Public Works building at 209 McIntosh Trail.  The KPTCB office is located directly to the right inside the main door.

View from McIntosh Trail to the Public Works Facility and McIntosh Trail Recycling Facility

Follow the small brown sign towards ‘Public Works Office’

Public Works Building

© 2016 Fayetteville Clean & Beautiful. All Rights Reserved.